Improved Roads linking around Londonderry - Review of strategic road network

Date published: 15 February 2010

This report has been prepared based on the assembled information and focuses on a review of the current and future traffic situation around the city of Londonderry and includes recommendations on how best to distribute traffic into and around the city.


The following factors were taken into consideration:

  • providing a strategic link from the A6 dualling scheme at Drumahoe to the A5 dualling scheme at Newbuildings;
  • extending this strategic A5/A6 link across the Foyle to Donegal, however, the benefits of the latter could only be realised if there was an appropriate high quality link to the National Roads Authority strategic road network; and
  • providing a local distributor ‘West Link’ connecting from the strategic A5/A6 link and skirting around the west of the city to Buncrana Road. This would be challenging and would require a much more detailed investigation to examine its buildability and the benefits arising.
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