A6 Toome to Castledawson - environmental statement

Date published: 05 March 2007

Sets out the environmental statement prepared for the scheme. 


The environmental statement is a detailed report of the findings of an Environmental Impact Assessment carried out on the published route. proposed scheme. In particular it describes, assesses and gives weight to the predicted environmental effects (adverse and beneficial) the scheme would have and details the measures proposed to reduce or eliminate those effects.  

The environmental statement is issued in accordance with the EC Council Directive 85/337/EEC as amended by EC Council Directive 97/11/EC and Directive 2003/35/EC of the European parliament and Council and is required by Part V of The Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993 as substituted by The Roads (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999 and ammended by The Roads (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007.  

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