A2 Limavady Bypass - project documents

Date published: 03 July 2015

Sets out the scheme assessment reports, environmental statement and other reports and community information documents prepared for the scheme.  


Scheme assessment reports act as a summary of the more technical reports generated during the appraisal of road schemes. They are written to be unbiased and easy to read using a factual style, which describes the advantages and disadvantages of routes or corridors. The principal audience is the public.

Scheme assessment and reporting is as three-stage procedure; the level of detail and the coverage of the assessment and the report is appropriate to the decision to be taken at each stage.

The environmental statement is a detailed report of the findings of an environmental impact assessment carried out on the proposed scheme. In particular it describes, assesses and gives weight to the predicted environmental effects (adverse and beneficial) the scheme would have and details the measures proposed to reduce or eliminate those effects.  

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