Other planning reports

Planning customer satisfaction reports

The planning customer survey reports on levels of customer satisfaction for Planning NI in relation to a number of key areas of customer service.

The Planning Customer Satisfaction Surveys began in 1998 and were usually conducted biennially for the former DOE Planning Service. The last report presents detailed findings from the 2012/13 Planning Customer Satisfaction Survey which took place between September and the end of October 2013.

Planning applications in AONB and other areas of NI

This analysis considers the numbers of received and decided planning applications in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty compared to other areas of Northern Ireland. It uses data from 2011-12 to quarter 2 of 2014-15.

This bespoke analysis was an ad-hoc query answered in February 2015, which requested the numbers of received and decided planning applications in Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty compared to other areas of Northern Ireland.  Planning applications for 2011/12 to 2014/15 Q2 (at the time of publishing this analysis this is our latest published information) were matched to a shapefile showing the locations of AONBs, which was provided by DEARA(external link opens in a new window / tab).

The wind power debate planning statistics article

This is a NISRA statistical article which uses DOE planning statistics to examine the issue of wind turbine applications being approved in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Concerns have grown surrounding the erection of wind turbines in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - in Northern Ireland, the eight Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are some of the region’s most spectacular landscapes, ranging from the internationally renowned Causeway Coast to the picturesque Mourne Mountains. These are areas of high scenic quality with distinctive character and natural beauty that are well known and highly valued in Northern Ireland. The increasing presence of wind turbines in recent years has produced opposition among various groups and individuals, in particular regarding the erection of turbines in these areas of natural beauty.


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