O’ Dowd expresses his opposition to Retained EU Law (Revocation & Reform) Bill

Date published: 20 October 2022

Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd has expressed his opposition to Retained EU Law (Revocation & Reform) (REUL) Bill.

Online Meeting
Online Meeting

The Minister was speaking after meeting a number of environmental organisations including the RSPB, Ulster Wildlife and Friends of the Earth.

John O’Dowd said:

“I support and share the concerns that were highlighted to me today around the possible reversal and diminution of vital environmental protections and rights across the North that the introduction of this REUL Bill will have.

"Our conversation today centred on the essential protections that are currently in place for the natural environment and public health and the importance of maintaining these protections as well as the impact this Bill may have on the services provided by my own Department. 

"I am also deeply concerned that the Bill cuts across the devolution settlement and Sewel Convention and that any interaction between the Bill and the Protocol is not fully understood.”


Notes to editors: 

  1. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill was introduced to Westminster on Thursday 22 September. The Bill contains a provision to sunset all Retained EU Law (REUL) within scope by 31 December 2023.  This will mean that any REUL that has not been ‘preserved’ or ‘restated’ in UK form or listed for extension to 2026 under provisions in the Bill, will be lost from the statute books.
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