Traffic Calming Scheme - Spamount

Consultation opened on 20 October 2021. Closing date 22 November 2021.


Notice is hereby given that under Article 65 of the Roads (NI) Order 1993, the Department proposes to introduce flat top Ramps as traffic calming works at Spamount.


Consultation description

The road ramps will be constructed in accordance with the Road Humps Regulations (NI) 1999, other features will be constructed in accordance with the Traffic Calming Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995.

The scheme will generally consist of speed ramps a minimum of 4.1 metres long and extending across the width of the road approximately, and 75mm high at the following locations:

  1. Speed ramp located approximately outside House No 51 Drumnabey Road.
  2. Speed ramp located approximately outside House No 48 Drumnabey Road.
  3. Speed ramp located approximately between House Nos 5 & 7 Drumnabey Road.
  4. Speed ramp located approximately at gable of House No 2 Drumnabey Park.

Inspecting the proposal

A map showing the road humps and other traffic calming works may be inspected free of charge during office hours at the address below by appointment only. Please email to arrange.

Making an objection

Objections or other representations may be made in writing to the Department for Infrastructure at the address below before 22 November 2021.

DfI Roads Western Division
Network Development Section
1 Crescent Road
BT47 2NQ

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