Living with Water in Belfast Consultation

Consultation opened on 11 November 2020. Closing date 29 January 2021.


The Department for Infrastructure is seeking your comments on Living with Water in Belfast – An Integrated Plan for Drainage and Wastewater Management in Greater Belfast.


Consultation description

The consultation ‘Living with Water in Belfast – An Integrated Plan for Drainage and Wastewater Management in Greater Belfast’ is attached, together with Annex A (Consultation Questions), a Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Habitats Regulations Assessment.

In 2014, when it became clear that the drainage infrastructure across Belfast was unable to meet the requirements expected of it, the Northern Ireland Executive approved the development of a Strategic Drainage Infrastructure Plan for Belfast:

  • to protect against flooding by managing the flow of water through a catchment from source to sea;
  • to enhance the environment through effective wastewater management and the provision of enhanced blue/green spaces to benefit local communities; and
  • to grow the economy by providing the necessary capacity in our drainage and wastewater management system to facilitate new development projects including house building.

This consultation document sets out 'An Integrated Plan for Drainage and Wastewater Management in Greater Belfast'.  As the drainage problems are complex and no one organisation can tackle them alone, this Plan takes an integrated approach to address the inter-related issues, whilst at the same time, providing multiple benefits to the community.  It focuses on developing integrated drainage solutions while adopting, where possible, sustainable ‘soft’ drainage and wastewater solutions, that both help the environment and cut operating and maintenance costs. 

To respond to this consultation, you are invited to complete Annex A above and send it by email or post.

Please note that responses to the consultation must be received by 5.00pm on 29 January 2021. All responses received by this date will be considered.


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