Increase in Private Streets Inspection Fees

Consultation opened on 15 December 2023. Closing date 08 March 2024.


On 20 September 2023 the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland wrote to Permanent Secretaries of Northern Ireland Departments directing that they launch public consultations on measures to support budget sustainability by raising additional revenue. This consultation outlines different options to generate revenue from charging for private streets inspection services in Northern Ireland, with a focus on creating sustainable public finances. It sets out and seeks views on raising the existing fees that have been unchanged since 2003. It also seeks views on the potential establishment of fees for private streets access onto public roads and increased fees to cover the cost of the Department taking enforcement action.


Consultation description

The consultation provides an overview of proposed increase in existing fees and the potential establishment of additional fees for the inspection of private streets developments in Northern Ireland.  A Private Street is defined as any street that is not currently part of the public road network and as such is not maintained by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI).   The Private Streets legislation is designed to recover all costs from developers for the Department’s work in processing bonds and carrying out inspections, investigations, tests and the taking of samples to ensure new streets are safe and can be adopted into the public road network.  The Private Streets inspection fees have remained unchanged since 2003 and the costs of carrying out inspections of development sites are now significantly higher than they were then.

The consultation sets out and seeks views on the main pathway through which the inspection fees may be increased and identifies additional areas of the Private Streets inspection process that could be considered for the establishment of fees. The Department therefore needs to consider how best to ensure that the cost recovery mechanism for inspection and administration of the private streets function is financially sustainable and complies with guidance on setting of fees for public services.

This consultation seeks views on the proposed options to raise revenue through raising fees and establishing new fees for Private Streets Inspections. 

Responses should be submitted via Citizen Space no later than 8 March 2024.

The consultation document and associated documents can also be made available in alternative formats on request.

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