Glenavy River Roughing Screen - Proposed Drainage Works

Consultation opened on 17 May 2024. Closing date 17 June 2024.


The Department for Infrastructure hereby gives notice, in pursuance of Article 21 of the Drainage (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 (as amended), that it proposes to construct a roughing screen on the Glenavy River, upstream of Chestnut Glen Bridge, Glenavy.


Consultation description

The proposed works will include the construction of a roughing screen and access steps to the watercourse. These drainage works will reduce flood risk to the infrastructure in the surrounding area.

An Environmental Scoping exercise has been completed for these works. Having taken account of the characteristics of the works in the proposed scheme, their location and potential impacts, the Department considers the proposed works are not likely to have significant environmental effects on the environment and does not intend to prepare an Environmental Statement.

Inspecting the proposal

A copy of the proposed works will be available for inspection on the Department for Infrastructure website at from the 17th May 2024 to the 17th June 2024.


In accordance with Article 8 of The Drainage (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017.

Representations may be made in writing to the Department in relation to the likely environmental effects of the proposed scheme.

Also, in accordance with Article 8 any person who considers that their interests will be prejudicially affected by the proposed works may make representations to the Department at the address given below.

The closing date for receipt of representations is the 17th June 2024.

Any representations should be sent to:

Mr. Alex Bailie
DfI Rivers
Ravarnet House
Altona Road
BT27 5QB



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