Elmwood Green, Castlederg Co. Tyrone - Proposed Drainage Scheme

Consultation opened on 17 May 2024. Closing date 17 June 2024.


The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) hereby gives notice, in pursuance of Article 12A of the Drainage (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 (as amended) that it proposes to replace an existing culvert, and construct a new culvert (Circa 810m of culvert) and open channel (Circa 250m open channel) on an undesignated watercourse. Construction is proposed between the Listymore Road and the River Derg via fields to the north of Elmwood Green, Castlederg, County Tyrone.


Consultation description

It is proposed the new and replacement culvert will divert the watercourse from the existing connection to NIW’s network located within Elmwood Green, to a new system which will outlet to the River Derg. NIW’s assets are not designed to accommodate fluvial flow, therefore during heavy periods of intense rainfall the culverts surcharge, causing flooding within the Elmwood Green development and surrounding area.

Culvert replacement is proposed downstream of the Listymore Road to downstream of the Grahamstown Road. Decommissioning of an existing connection from this location to the NIW asset in Elmwood Green is proposed. From here, a new culvert is proposed from north of Elmwood Green, across the Fyfin Road and along fields east of the Strabane Road. This new culvert is to outlet to a new open channel in the same fields, which will ultimately discharge to the River Derg. An additional new headwall and stone drains are also proposed along the section of the culvert within the fields north and northeast of Elmwood Green. Fencing and signage is proposed for public safety.

Having taken account of the characteristics of the works in the proposed scheme, their locations and potential impacts, the Department considers the proposed scheme is not likely to have significant environmental effects and does not intend to prepare an Environmental Statement.

Inspecting the proposal

A copy of the proposed scheme will be available for inspection, at the addresses below, from 17 May 2024 to 17 June 2024, during normal opening hours:

  • DfI Rivers Office, Western Regional Office, 3a St Julians Road, Lisnamallard, Omagh BT79 7HQ
  • Derry City and Strabane District Council, Strabane Office, 47 Derry Road, Strabane, Tyrone, BT82 8DY


In accordance with Article 12A, representations may be made in writing to the Department in relation to the likely environmental effects of the proposed scheme.

Also, in accordance with Article 12A, any person who considers that their interests will be prejudicially affected by the proposed scheme may make representations to the Department at the address given below.

The closing date for receipt of representations is 17th June 2024.

Any representations should be sent to:

Mr Jon Hilditch
DfI Rivers
Loughry HQ
49 Tullywiggan Road
BT80 8SG

Email: rivers.registry@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk

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