CullyBackey Level Crossing Orders - Consultation

Consultation opened on 15 August 2022. Closing date 07 November 2022.


The Department for Infrastructure has published a consultation paper on proposals for new legislation covering changes to Level Crossings at Cullybackey North, Cullybackey South and Cullybackey Station, and is now seeking feedback from the public and interested stakeholders.


Consultation description

Northern Ireland Railways (NIR) is required to make application to the Department in accordance with section 66(4) of the Transport Act (NI) 1967 when seeking to provide for a Public Level Crossing Order under the above Act.

The level crossings at Cullybackey North, Cullybackey South and at Cullybackey Station require these Orders to be made to reflect the new crossings and their operational requirements. The proposed Orders allow for the provision and maintenance of a system of barriers at the respective railway crossing sites.

Views or comments from the public and interested stakeholders are sought on the content of the respective orders. Comments on the proposed Orders should be made in writing and may be forwarded via the e-mail or postal address below.


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