DfI Business Continuity Planning

The Department has a responsibility to provide a level of service to the public even when an event occurs that may potentially disrupt its ability to maintain services.

Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) have been developed, to support managers dealing with these types of situations.

The BCP sets out how to continue operations following a disruptive incident and how to return to ‘business as usual’ in the quickest possible time afterwards.  Examples of a disruptive incident could be the closure of Clarence Court, or insufficient staff to enable business to continue i.e. due to a flu epidemic, or severe weather which may prevent staff from accessing Clarence Court.

Key purposes of a BCP

The key purpose of the BCP is:

  1. to ensure essential tasks are identified and resources are available to take tasks forward
  2. to contain staff contact information to enable staff to be kept informed of the disruptive incident and how it will impact on them

Alternative locations

In the event Clarence Court is closed, there are alternative offices that can be used. Only essential staff will need to go the alternative office(s).  Your line manager will advise if you are essential staff or if your business area has an alternative office arranged.

To ensure business continuity arrangements work it is essential that each member of staff is aware of their BCP responsibilities.

Your role

In order for a BCP to work effectively it is essential that you ensure your line manager has your up to date contact information.

If your contact details are not included in the BCP then no one will be able to contact you in the event a BCP event occurs.  This will not be an acceptable reason for non-attendance at work.

Please note that BCPs are treated as ‘official sensitive’ documents and will be kept securely in a locked cupboard, and if stored in TRIM will be kept in a folder with restricted access, to ensure this information can only be accessed by the appropriate staff.

It is also important that you:

  • clarify with your line manager what your role will be if the BCP is invoked
  • ensure you have copy of your branch BCP if your role is classed as essential  
  • ensure you have your line manager’s 24hr contact details to enable you to keep in contact with line management through previously agreed channels
  • are aware of your staff contact details and work patterns, if you are a line manager
  • check the DfI website or monitor local radio and TV stations for more information
  • note the numbers of the nidirect dedicated phone line - 028 9049 5890 and 028 9067 5890.  Messages provided on this service will be updated as the situation develops.

Clarence Court staff can sign up for an emergency SMS text messaging service by texting CLARENCE to 67300.  Initial text message to register for this service will be charged at your network operator’s standard rate.  There is no charge for receiving messages.

Staff outside Clarence Court should check with line managers as this service may be in operation in other offices.

Contact fm.unit@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk for more information.

Useful numbers in a BCP event

  • 028 9049 5890 - nidirect automated message. 
  • 028 9067 5890 - nidirect automated message.  
  • 67300 -  Clarence Court SMS text messaging service
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