Weavers Cross

Weavers Cross is situated in the heart of Belfast, it is an eight hectare site linking a modern high capacity transport hub, to be developed on the site of the existing Europa bus centre and Great Victoria Street train station, with impressive mixed-use development proposals.

Weavers Cross Transport Hub It is a flagship project, prioritised by the NI Executive, and has been developed in the context of the DfI Regional Development Strategy 2035 and the draft NI Executive Programme for Government. These recognise that public transport has a key role to play in developing competitive cities and regions and is important for a successful economy, promoting social inclusion, health, education and improving the environment.

The draft Programme for Government has identified 12 strategic outcomes which set out the ambition for Northern Ireland society. Providing a high quality public transport system impacts on many of the PfG outcomes and directly links to the outcome ‘We connect people and opportunities through our infrastructure’. One of the key indicators for this outcome is the percentage of journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport”.

Weavers Cross is a transport led regeneration project supporting the Belfast City Council’s Agenda, a new vision for Belfast in 2035, setting out the ambition to attract 50,000 new jobs and £1bn investment to regeneration projects in the city. The impressive transport hub design will be a catalyst for the regeneration of this area of Belfast and will be an important gateway to Belfast as a modern, confident and progressive city, stimulating economic opportunities for the city and Northern Ireland.

Improved resources for every transport option

The new station will be the focal point of the Hub project. It will include a number of significant improvements designed to enhance all transport options, including an integrated and accessible bus and rail concourse able to accommodate increased passenger growth.

Other enhancements to the station facility and surrounding area will include:

  • Step free access to and from the station to cater for pedestrians with restricted mobility and visual impairment
  • A Changing Places facility
  • Spacious, comfortable passenger seating waiting areas
  • Electronic ticket vending machines
  • Enhanced public realm and widening of footways for greater levels of pedestrian priority
  • Introduction of new signalised pedestrian crossing points

Improvements by transport sector


More coach/bus bays will be available in order to cope with the increase in passenger levels. This will also allow for greater flexibility in timetabling and for services to be distributed more broadly across the network.

  • New stands (currently 18 increasing to 26)
  • The new Phase 1 of the Glider system is also within close proximity to the new Belfast Transport Hub/ Weavers Cross Development
  • Links to main airports in Northern Ireland and Ireland

Transport Hub - Weavers Cross Rail

The Hub will see an increase in the number of platforms. Enhanced railway infrastructure at The Hub includes:

  • Four new platforms, creating more capacity for all internal and cross-border services
  • The enhanced network will give better network resilience to the operation of the new station
  • The Enterprise will relocate from the current Central Station to the new Belfast Transport Hub, delivering a more integrated service with local passenger bus and train services


Translink recognises the importance of encouraging cycling and walking as primary modes of active travel, especially within the inner city. The Hub will integrate cycle provision as part of the scheme and enhance pedestrian access.

This will include:

  • Various initiatives and policies aimed at promoting cycling
  • Provision for cycle storage
  • Provision for Belfast Bike Scheme
  • Connections to the cycle network are included and further consultations are being carried out with SUSTRANS and other cycling strategy units

Private Car/Taxi

The Hub will provide dedicated pick-up and set-down points, allowing passengers structured, accessible and well-defined provision including:

  • Park and Ride car-parking
  • Dedicated taxi pick-up/drop-off points

Further Information

More information on the is available on the website at:

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