Planning Engagement Partnership (PEP)

The establishment of the Planning Engagement Partnership was announced by Minister Mallon to take forward and further develop community engagement in the two-tier planning system.

Ahead of its first meeting on 21st October 2020, the Minister said:

“A key aspect of the reforms to the planning system introduced over five years ago was to improve community engagement in the planning process... This forum provides an opportunity for sharing experience, good practice and learning gained through the operation of the planning system over the last five years, and for considering what more we can do enhance community involvement. The Partnership is part of our ongoing work to improve the planning system, and people’s experience of the planning system.”

You can view the full press release at:

Planning Your Place: Getting Involved
Tuesday 25th May

The Planning Engagement Partnership is inviting you to give your views on how to improve community engagement in the planning process and shaping where you live. If you are interested in becoming more involved in how your area / place is being planned and developed, and how you can have a better say, then please join one of the online sessions on Tuesday 25th May. Your comments and ideas will help shape recommendations to enhance community engagement which will be presented in a report to Nichola Mallon, Minister for Infrastructure.

Minister Nichola Mallon will be opening the event.

Please see the Agenda for more information and how to register for one of the sessions.

The Purpose of the Partnership

The overall purpose of this project is to enhance the quality and depth of community engagement in the planning process at both the regional and planning authority levels. The Partnership will produce a report with recommendations and actions that will improve community engagement in planning and place shaping processes.

For further information you can view the Terms of Reference of the Partnership at:

We Would Like to Hear From You

The Partnership members are all users of the planning system and involved in shaping our environment – they are from local councils, the development industry, and environmental, voluntary, community and professional organisations.

Would you like the Partnership to hear about your experience of community engagement in the planning system – have you a story to share about good practice in community engagement, or one which we need to learn from? What improvements could be made to improve your experience? If you would like to share your experience and views, please complete the form below and submit it to us

Please note: This is not a forum for making a formal complaint about either the Department or other planning authorities and any submission will not be treated as such. Any complaints should be channelled through the normal complaints procedure of the relevant organisation.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of each meeting held by the Partnership are availabe at:



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