M1/A1 Sprucefield Bypass - overview

The proposed scheme will provide 4km of high standard dual carriageway between the M1 motorway and the A1 at Hillsborough, bypassing Sprucefield. It will be of major benefit to the strategic traffic in reducing journey times by avoiding delays in the Sprucefield area. It is intended that the proposal will also consider congestion at the junction on the A1 at Hillsborough.

Scheme Development

The first stage of consideration for the scheme has been completed and the findings published in a Stage 1 Scheme Assessment Report (see link to Stage 1 scheme appraisal page below), which determined route corridors within which further options will be examined.

Prioritisation of Major Roads Programme

On 14 August 2023 the Department published a prioritised list of major road schemes that will continue to be progressed.  There are a number of reasons why the prioritisation of projects, currently in the pipeline, was necessary, including the challenging budgetary position and constrained resources (in terms of finance and staff) and, importantly, the Department’s commitments under the Climate Change (NI) Act 2022.

Transport policies and plans are currently being reviewed and updated to align with these commitments and this work will help define what major transport infrastructure projects should be included within any future major roads programme.

The publication of the prioritised list of major road schemes, that will continue to be progressed, explains that development work on the M1/A1 Sprucefield Bypass scheme has been paused. The schemes place on a future major works programme will be informed by the Department’s emerging transport plans and any decision by the Minister.

Key dates

Stage 1 Report approved by Roads Service Board on 23 March 2011. 

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