M1/A1 Sprucefield Bypass - overview

The proposed scheme, which is included in the Strategic Route Improvement Programme, will provide a high standard link between the M1 motorway and the A1. It will be of major benefit to the strategic traffic in reducing journey times by avoiding delays in the Sprucefield area. It is intended that the proposal will also consider congestion at the junction on the A1 at Hillsborough.


The Regional Development Strategy (RDS) identifies the M1 and A1 as one of the five key transport corridors, by forming part of the Eastern Seaboard Corridor, running from Larne to Belfast and on to Dublin. The Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (BMTP) also recognises the strategic significance of this route and the existing congestion problems on the M1 and at the M1/A1 junction.

The first stage of consideration for the scheme has been completed and the findings published in a Stage 1 Scheme Assessment Report (see link to Stage 1 scheme appraisal page below), which determined route corridors within which further options will be examined.

Scheme summary

4km of new dual carriageway  from M1 motorway to A1 at Hillsborough, bypassing Sprucefield, including flyover at Hillsborough Junction. 

Current status

Due to current budget restrictions there is insufficient funding to allow development work to continue. Progression of the scheme beyond this period will be subject to future budget settlements.

Key dates

Stage 1 Report approved by Roads Service Board on 23 March 2011. 

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