Joint Work Programme

Joint Work Programme

The planning system in Northern Ireland (NI) has an important role to play in unlocking development potential and supporting economic growth, whilst also contributing to a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable region. The Department for Infrastructure is committed to ensuring that the regional planning system operates in an efficient and effective way and is currently progressing a Planning Improvement Programme, working closely with local government and partners, to improve current processes and the performance and delivery of the system.

The Programme builds on existing work and is a response to key messages and recommendations from reports into Planning in NI published in 2022 by the NI Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee. The Programme is broken down across key themes including Governance; Policy & Legislation; Local Development Plan; Development Management; Performance and Engagement. Governance arrangements have also been put in place to ensure that programme progress is monitored, reported upon and that appropriate oversight is in place.

The Programme is an opportunity, as well as a collective responsibility, for all those involved in the process, to ensure that we have a modern, fit for purpose planning system which delivers the right socio-economic and environmental outcomes for all our citizens.

Overview of the Joint Work Programme can be accessed using the following link: 

 Joint Work Programme | Department for Infrastructure

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