George Best Belfast City Airport Planning Agreement Modification Process

On 22 July 2019, the Department for Infrastructure signed a new Modified Planning Agreement with George Best Belfast City Airport which controls operations at the Airport.

George Best Belfast City Airport Planning Agreement

This Agreement establishes an effective noise management system at the Airport and seeks to achieve a balance between the socio-economic benefits of airport expansion and the need to protect the environment and quality of life for surrounding communities.

The Airport is required to submit an Annual Performance Report by 31 March each year to the Department detailing the Airport’s compliance with all obligations and restrictions within the Agreement. These reports are published on the Airport’s own website. If there has been any non-compliance or there is a risk of non-compliance of the noise control contour within the incoming years, the Airport shall agree actions with the Department to rectify the situation.

The modified agreement can be viewed using the link below.


Delayed Aircraft

Only in exceptional circumstances are Delayed Aircraft permitted to use the Airport during Extended Hours (between the hours of 9.31 pm and 11.59 pm). The Airport is required to submit a bi-monthly written report listing the Delayed Aircraft using the airport after 9.30pm and the circumstances for these late flights. The Airports bi-monthly reports are provided below:

Monitoring of Delayed Aircraft

The Department has compiled guidance on the meaning of exceptional circumstances for use by its staff.  The guidance will be used as part of the Department’s administrative framework to monitor the 2019 Planning Agreement. This framework includes operating procedures for analysing data, record keeping and recording reasons for decisions and can be viewed using the link below.


Record of Decisions on Delayed Aircraft

The Department considers the bi-monthly submissions and records its decisions on whether the delayed flights were in compliance with the terms of the Planning Agreement. Those records of decisions are provided below:

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