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An overview on the role the European Programmes and Gateways (EPG) Unit has in relation to aviation in Northern Ireland including developing air transport policy and the aviation policy framework.

Developing air transport policy

Authority for policy and regulation of aviation services in the UK rests with the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), as its agent.  EPG contributes to the development of air transport policy at UK national level. By doing so it ensures that, while responsibility for aviation matters remains a reserved function of the Department for Transport in London, the interests of Northern Ireland's air travellers are taken into account in the decision making process.  EPG also keeps the regulatory framework in which Northern Ireland's airports operate under review.

There are 3 airports in Northern Ireland:

All the current stats for three airports can be found on the CAA website.

Aviation Policy Framework

On 22 March 2013 the UK Government published the final Aviation Policy Framework, which replaced the 2003 “Future of Air Transport” White Paper as the UK aviation policy.  The document can be found at:

The Aviation Policy Framework sets out the Government’s policy to allow the aviation sector to continue to make a significant contribution to economic growth across the country. It provides the baseline for the Airports Commission to take into account on important issues such as aircraft noise and climate change. It sets out government’s objectives on the issues which will challenge and support the development of aviation across the UK.

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