A6 Londonderry to Dungiven - Inspector's report and decision

After considering the Inspector's report, the Minister for Regional Development will decide to confirm, modify or reject the scheme. The time taken to announce the Minister's decision may depend on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the scheme and the length of the Inspector's report.

Current status 

The Inspector has produced a report embracing various recommendations. One of the recommendations was to examine a suggested alternative route for the Dungiven bypass that was put forward by a third party on the final day of the public inquiry and we are, therefore, quality assuring the route.  

The then Minister for Regional Development is satisfied that all issues have been appropriately reviewed and has issued a Departmental statement setting out her decision complemented by the publication of the Inspector's report. 

Inspector's report 

Since the Public Inquiry, the Inspector has produced a report setting out his conclusions and defining his recommendations. The then Minister for Regional Development has taken account of the Inspector's recommendations in making her decision.

The Inspector’s report is available below.


After considering the Inspector’s report, the Department has decided to confirm the scheme. The Department's decision is in line with the Inspector’s recommendations.

The Department’s decision is available below.

Public Inquiry documents

Updated August 2017

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