A55 Knock Road widening - overview

This page details the current status of the A55 Knock Road widening scheme. It also provides information on the way ahead. As the header page for the A55 Knock Road widening scheme it also acts as the central nexus for all the other pages on this site relating to the scheme.


Widening of 1.3km of existing single carriageway between Glen Road and Kings Road junctions, providing two lanes in each direction, together with right turning facilities.

Scheme Development

The Statutory Orders comprising the Environmental Statement, Direction Order and Notice of Intention to make a Vesting Order were published in November 2009. The orders were based on the preferred option which was chosen following public consultation in June 2006 and completion of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 scheme assessment reports.

A Public Inquiry was held in November 2010.

The Inspector's Report, Departmental Statement and supporting information are available on this website.

The Notice of Intention to Proceed, Direction Order and Stopping Up Order was published on 26 September 2012 in the local press.

Prioritisation of Major Roads Programme

On 14 August 2023 the Department published a prioritised list of major road schemes that will continue to be progressed.  There are a number of reasons why the prioritisation of projects, currently in the pipeline, was necessary, including the challenging budgetary position and constrained resources (in terms of finance and staff) and, importantly, the Department’s commitments under the Climate Change (NI) Act 2022.

Transport policies and plans are currently being reviewed and updated to align with these commitments and this work will help define what major transport infrastructure projects should be included within any future major roads programme.

The publication of the prioritised list of major road schemes, that will continue to be progressed, explains that development work on the A55 Knock Road widening scheme has been paused. Its place on a future major works programme will be informed by the Department’s emerging transport plans and any decision by the Minister.

Estimated costs

 £12m and £16m (2006 estimate).

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Updated March 2024


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