A4 Fivemiletown - overview

This scheme was published in the Investment Delivery Plan (IDP) for Roads in April 2008 to provide 3.4km of 2+1 single carriageway to bypass Fivemiletown.

Need for scheme

A4 Filemiletown Scheme Outline
A4 Filemiletown Scheme Outline
The A4 is part of the South Western Key Transport Corridor that forms part of the Regional Strategic Transport Network. This Corridor provides access between the East and the Fermanagh Lakelands and cross border regions.

The existing A4 at Fivemiletown is often congested and traffic delays occur through the village during both peak and off-peak times of the day.

The proposed scheme

The proposed scheme will be approximately 3.4 km in length and is likely to take the form of a 2+1 single carriageway.The proposed new transport link will allow a considerable amount of traffic to avoid Fivemiletown therefore reducing journey times for through traffic and providing much needed overtaking opportunities in both directions.

Current position

The scheme is listed in the Department for Regional Development’s Investment Delivery Plan (IDP) for Roads.The IDP estimates that it will be delivered within the period 2013 to 2018 but progression is subject to future budget settlements.

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