A28 Armagh East - overview

To extend the Strategic Road Network by providing a new link road on the east side of the city of Armagh connecting between the A3 Portadown Road and A28 Markethill Road to relieve traffic conditions and improve the environment in the historic city centre.

The proposal

The A28 Armagh East Link proposal includes a single carriageway link road, approximately 2.5km long, linking the A3 and A28 Trunk Roads. This will also incorporate a junction with the A51 Hamiltonsbawn Road, a third radial route leaving the city centre. The proposed route would run from the junction of A28 Markethill Road and Ardmore Road, extending northwards to a proposed junction with A3 Portadown Road to the city side of Linsey’s Heights.  The proposed road would utilise the existing Ardmore Road, the existing road through Hamiltonsbawn Road Industrial Estate and a small part of the Linsey’s Heights Road.

Current position

The Department recently completed a comprehensive review of the route that was first announced in June 2014. On the basis of updated environmental, economic and engineering assessments, the review has concluded that the route announced in 2014 remains the preferred route.

A28 Armagh East Link – Preferred Route
A28 Armagh East Link – Preferred Route
The future progression of this scheme will be dependent on priorities determined by the Minister, in the context of available capital budgets and informed by the new Regional Strategic Transportation Network Transport Plan (RSTNTP) currently being taken forward by the Department.

The next step would then be to provide a 'specimen design' which will be subject to comprehensive environmental, economic and engineering assessments. The formal statutory procedures will then follow with the publication of an Environmental Impact Assessment together with a Notice of Intention to make a Direction Order and a Notice of Intention to make a Vesting Order.


The indicative costs of the A28 Armagh East Link are estimated to be £20 million.

Key Dates

  • 13 March 2006 - Public Information day in Armagh City Hotel
  • 20 March 2007 - Public Information day in Armagh City Hotel 
  • 11 June 2014 - Public Information day in Armagh City Hotel 
  • 22 July 2019 - Stage 2 scheme assessment report approved

Scheme Documents

Last updated 20 August 2019

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