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Sets out chronology of roads constructed in Roads Service Coleraine Division up to 1989

Published 26 October 2011Impact assessments

Drawing showing 1970s single carriageway Dungiven Bypass .

Published 26 October 2011Maps

This publication brings together a variety of useful transport information published by a number of different sources.

Published 29 September 2011Statistical reports

The Drainage Council meets approximately 3 times per year and minutes of meetings are recorded by the secretariat to the Drainage Council. Minutes can be viewed using the links below, or by writing to the Drainage Council for NI at the address provided below.

Published 22 September 2011Agendas and minutes

Guidance for private developers and other government bodies designing structures on or adjacent to the Northern Ireland public road network.

Published 12 September 2011Guidance literature

Memorandum introducing the BuildSafe 2011 Action Plan, which details DfI Roads requirements and obligations under the BuildSafe Initiative relating to Health and Safety in the procurement and management of DfI Roads contractors.

Published 02 September 2011Policy papers

Departmental policy and procedure for staff involved with compiling estimates for major works schemes at all stages of the scheme development and defines the procedures involved in obtaining approvals and the preparation of estimates.

Published 31 August 2011Policy papers

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the entry points to the Sperrin Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Published 12 August 2011Policy papers

Roads Service (now TransportNI) appointed consultants to its new Consultancy Framework Contract in March 2001 to enable it to commission consultants quickly and effectively.

Published 11 August 2011Guidance literature

The Code does not aim to cover all duties and responsibilities of harbour authorities. However, Government, other regulatory authorities and industry associations have a strong expectation that all harbour authorities will comply with it.

Published 08 August 2011Guidance literature

DfI Roads produces occasional community updates to keep landowners and others informed of activities at critical stages in the scheme development process.

Published 02 August 2011Guidance literature

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide identifying the criteria involved in deciding if a road works vehicle recovery service is required on road schemes.

Published 26 July 2011Policy papers

Memorandum providing guidance and requirements for the use of eurocodes for the design of new highway structures (including geotechnical works) on the road network in Northern Ireland.

Published 26 July 2011Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedure guide on the use of coloured chips in asphalt carriageway works and must be read in conjunction with the appropriate sections of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges which sets out the requirements for texture and aggregate properties and any

Published 26 July 2011Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedure guide to ensure the appropriate standards and specifications are adhered to when specifying or assessing precast concrete drainage units.

Published 26 July 2011Policy papers

Report on the volume of planning applications received and decisions issued in 2010/11. Includes geographic detail at the Local Government District and the Assembly Constituency.

Published 07 July 2011Statistical reports

The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.  Three years of data need to be combined to ensure the analysis carried out is robust.  The headline report is the first to be produced each year and contains key results.

Published 30 June 2011Research and analysis

The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.  The technical report is produced annually and contains information on survey methodology as well as the survey questionnaire.

Published 30 June 2011Research and analysis

The 2011 NI Seat Belt Survey reports on the level of seat belt wearing in Northern Ireland with the majority of this report concentrating on seatbelt wearing rates in cars only.

Published 30 June 2011Statistical reports

An Integrated Impact Assessment was carried out on 'Ensuring a Sustainable Transport Future: A New Approach to Regional Transportation'.

Published 28 June 2011Corporate reports

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