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The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.  Three years of data need to be combined to ensure the analysis carried out is robust.  The urban-rural report (produced since 2008-2010) contains an urban-rural breakdown of the data

Published 21 March 2014Research and analysis

The Department has made a Statutory Rule entitled The Parking and Waiting Restrictions (Strabane) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2014 (S.R. 2014 No. 90) which will come into operation on 10 April 2014.

Published 20 March 2014Legislation and regulations

Guidance on the dangers of overloading a vehicle.

Published 11 March 2014Guidance literature

Guidance on requirements for registering Number Plates

Published 10 March 2014Guidance literature

The planning customer surveys report on levels of customer satisfaction for Planning NI in relation to a number of key areas of customer service.

Published 06 March 2014Statistical reports

The statistics reported within this publication include summary key business volumes and transactions received and processed by the Driver and Vehicle Agency during the quarter specified.

Published 06 March 2014Statistical reports

This page gives you access to the agendas and action points of the WBR meetings held during February 2014. 

Published 03 March 2014Agendas and minutes

Sets out the SIAA report.  The appropriate assessment considers the effect of a plan or project, alone and in combination, with other plans and projects, on one or more European sites. 

Published 03 March 2014Impact assessments

Easy read summary of Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy to 2020: 2020 Vision: Driving Road Safety Forward in different languages

Published 07 February 2014Business plans

Northern Ireland Road Safety Problem Profile represents the most up-to-date understanding of the key road safety issues as supported by 2006 – 2010 road traffic collision and casualty data.

Published 07 February 2014Corporate reports

This Impact Assessment Screening document considers the Department of the Environment’s (DOE) new Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland, published in 2011.

Published 07 February 2014Impact assessments

This report examines the motivation for, and nature of, visions from various countries and reviews and considers their implications for road safety practice, policy and strategy.

Published 07 February 2014Corporate reports

The Road Safety Strategy to 2020 details what government intends to do to further improve road safety over the next ten years.  It identifies 4 key casualty reduction targets and sets out 199 measures to further reduce road deaths and serious injuries up to 2020.

Published 07 February 2014Business plans

The Department of the Environment is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive programme of road safety research and statistical investigations in Northern Ireland. 

Published 06 February 2014Guidance literature

This page gives you access to the agendas and action points of the WBR meetings held during January 2014. 

Published 03 February 2014Agendas and minutes

The Northern Ireland Road and Rail Transport Statistics bulletin provides statistical information on use of public transport and deliveries of petrol and diesel for use in Northern Ireland.  

Published 30 January 2014Statistical reports

Consultation Report relating to the Department's policy and legislative proposals for a Bill to amend the Road Races (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 to provide race organisers with flexibility to introduce contingency arrangements where racing or practice may be affected by

Published 24 January 2014Consultation reports

The flood of November 2009 on the Lough Erne system eclipsed all previously known records. In the aftermath of the flood, a Flooding Taskforce was formed.

Published 23 January 2014Independent reports

Monthly newsletters updating a number of issues within the Driver Vehicle Agency.

Published 17 January 2014Notices

Final Report (July 2012)on Improving the Road Safety of Older People.

Published 14 January 2014Corporate reports

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