The Urban Clearways Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 No. 130

Date published: 08 March 2016


The Department has made a Statutory Rule entitled The Urban Clearways Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 (S.R. 2016 No. 130) which will come into operation on 29 March 2016.


The Order will:

  • apply clearway restrictions to both sides of a length of the Lecky Road Flyover, Londonderry. Vehicles are excepted from the restriction in certain circumstances which have been updated.
  • remove clearway restrictions on lengths of Woodvale Road, Belfast and Whittaker Street, Londonderry
  • revoke and re-enact other clearways in:
    • Armagh
    • Banbridge
    • Belfast
    • Castlereagh
    • Dundonald
    • Londonderry
    • Magherafelt
    • Newry
    • Newtownabbey
    • Portadown

Copies of the rule may be obtained from:

Room 3-01
Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street

or viewed online at:

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