The Planning (Development Management) (Temporary Modifications) (Coronavirus) (Amendment No.2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2021 - Screening Form

Date published: 01 October 2021

Against a backdrop of public health policy aimed at protecting the health of all sectors of society, the aim of this policy is to allow the continued processing of major planning applications by temporarily suspending the requirement for a developer to organise a ‘public event’ as part of the mandatory pre-application community consultation (PACC) process on proposed planning applications for major developments. This is an emergency response which recognises current constraints on public events and the impact this has on normal arrangements for holding such events.  It also recognises that the public may not currently be confident about attending public events which could lead to less pre application community engagement.  Published guidance to accompany the temporary arrangements requires alternative means of engagement to ensure meaningful public participation prior to the submission of a formal planning application.


  • Existing/Revised/New:  Revised
  • Date of Screening:  29 September 2021
  • Screening Outcome – Full EQIA Recommended: No
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