DfI/2019-0204: FOI Request for information on taxi licensing

Date published: 15 October 2019

DfI/2019-0204: FOI Request for information on taxi licensing.

The specific request is as follows:


I have recently met with a number of constituents expressing their concern regarding taxi licensing.

On that basis and to glean an understanding of the current position, I would be grateful if you would furnish me with the information requested below.

Taxi License

  1. Please indicate what and how background checks are conducted on taxi drivers who are foreign nationals, prior to the receipt of their taxi license?
  2. Why are those who hold a taxi license in GB not permitted to hold a taxi license in Northern Ireland without starting the process from scratch?
  3. Is this also the case for taxi drivers who hold a taxi license in the Republic of Ireland?
  4. Are drivers who hold Northern Ireland taxi license permitted to transfer their taxi license to mainland GB or ROI without having to start the application process from scratch?
  5. How many female taxi drivers were registered in Northern Ireland in each of the last 5 years?
  6. Why is there a delay of 1 week between passing the PSV test and receiving plates?
  7. Please confirm whether test centres are only or have been only conducting taxi testing on one day per week. If so, please outline when and why?
  8. Please clarify how car showrooms are permitted to hold a number of pre-approved PSV taxis when each PSV should be attached to a specific driver?
  9. How much has the DVA received in administration fees for the addition and removal of taxis and drivers in each of the last 5 years?
  10. How much has it cost the DVA in administration fees to add and remove taxis and drivers from their database in each of the last 5 years?
  11. Who instigated the change from taxi drivers carrying 1 litre fire extinguishers to 2 litre fire extinguishers and why?
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