Date published: 17 September 2018

Follow the link to the overview below to read about the Better Bedford Street project - an innovative pilot scheme progressed and delivered through collaboration with many partners to make Bedford Street, more accessible and inviting to pedestrians.


The members of the SDG have initiated the pilot scheme to seek to demonstrate, in a practical way, the outworking of the 10 qualities of Living Places, in addition to gathering shared evidence and learning which will assist in other areas and projects going forward. A number of physical interventions and a programme of events have and will take place on the street over the coming weeks and so you may wish to visit and see for yourself.

The SDG hope that there will be many benefits from the pilot including a more accessible, decluttered and safer environment; an upturn in walking, encouraging more active lifestyles; a more usable, hospitable and viable street where more people stay around longer; with more space creating business opportunities and encouraging potential future investment. The ‘Better Bedford Street’ pilot will be in place for a period of 3 months, after which it will be reviewed.

Follow the conversation at #BetterBedfordStreet

For further information please download the documents below:



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