Public invited to submit views on A5 Supplementary Environmental Information

Date published: 18 January 2023

Views are invited from the public on A5 Supplementary Environmental Information published today by the Department for Infrastructure.

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The Department published and consulted on a new Environmental Statement Addendum (ESA 2022) and associated documentation on the A5 Western Transport Corridor dual carriageway scheme in March 2022. 

In November 2022 the Department made available a number of reports as supplementary information to the ESA 2022 with a consultation that concluded on 23 December 2022. Following a request by the Planning Appeals Commission the Department is now making available a report containing layout drawings covering the entire length of the scheme together with longitudinal profiles and cross sections. An updated Non-Technical Summary has also been prepared and available (NTS Revision D).

The Department encourages anyone with an interest in this significant flagship project to make their views known during this consultation period.  Members of the public can submit their views by letter or email.  All details are available at: A5WTC - Publication of further drawings

All previous representations about the project in response to the consultations of March and November 2022 will be taken into account by the Department and it is not necessary to re-submit them. Any additional representations by way of supplement or amendment must however be submitted to the Department on or before the closing date of this consultation process of 3 March 2023. 

Notes to editors: 

  1. On completion, the A5 WTC project will provide 85 kilometres of new high standard dual carriageway between New Buildings and just south of Aughnacloy.
  2. In September 2020, the Department received an Interim Report from the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) on its findings from the Public Inquiry held in February and March 2020. It contained two key recommendations, in relation to the need for further assessments on (a) flood risk and (b) scheme alternatives.
  3. The PAC adjourned the Public Inquiry to allow these recommendations to be incorporated into a new addendum to the Environmental Statement and made available for further public consultation.
  4. A new Environmental Statement Addendum and associated documentation were published on 16 March 2022, commencing a consultation process that concluded on 6 May 2022.  Representations received were collated and forwarded to PAC who then advised that the reconvened public inquiry would open on 25 January 2023. 
  5. The Department further consulted (7 November to 23 December) on a number of new and other updated reports as supplementary information to the above Environmental Statement Addendum. The aim was to ensure the latest and most up-to-date information was available for the reconvened public inquiry and the Department had anticipated that any responses received could be incorporated by the PAC within the reconvened public inquiry process.
  6. However, at the mid-inquiry meeting administered by the PAC on 15 November 2022, objections were raised to the inclusion of this additional information at what was contended to be short notice, leading the PAC to conclude that insufficient time was allowed for members of the public to respond to this new consultation on the run-up to the festive break and scheduled inquiry. It therefore postponed the inquiry.
  7. In addition, the Commission requested some significant additional information be made available and consulted on, asking that the Department produce and consult on longitudinal and cross-sections over the full length of the scheme.
  8. The Department is now complying with this PAC request and will commence a new consultation on 18 January, concluding on 3 March 2023.
  9. It is hoped that the reconvened public inquiry be swiftly reconvened thereafter, the timing being at the discretion of the PAC.
  10. Information relating to the public inquiry has been published on the PAC website at : Public Local Inquiry into the A5 Western Transport Corridor Road Scheme | Planning Appeals Commission (
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