UNECE Regulation 129: Enhanced Child Restraint Systems

Consultation opened on 27 January 2014. Closing date 22 February 2014.


Amendment of UNECE regulation 129 in order to allow the use of Enhanced Child.


Consultation description

The Department for Transport, in conjunction with the Department of Environment in Northern Ireland (DOENI), wishes to consult on the amendment of regulations in order to allow the use of Enhanced Child Restraint Systems (ECRS) in the United Kingdom. This is in respect of UNECE Regulation 1291 -Uniform provisions concerning the approval of enhanced Child Restraint Systems used on-board of motor vehicles.

The EU is seeking to amend Directive 91/671/EEC later this year to reflect this new standard and, in order to transpose this into domestic law, the UK will require amendments to the appropriate domestic legislation.

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