Summary of Approved Driving Instructor and Approved Motorcycle Instructor Consultation 2014

Consultation opened on 03 September 2014. Closing date 03 September 2014.


Consultation responses of the Improvement to the Approved Driving Instructor and Approved Motorcycle Instructor Schemes in Northern Ireland.


Consultation description

The Department of the Environment issued a consultation document on 31 May 2013 which ran until 16 September 2013. Its purpose was to seek views on a number of proposals for change to the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) / Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) schemes operating in Northern Ireland including:


  • amendments to the trainee licence scheme;
  • changes to the requirements for those with a medically restricted driving licence who wish to become ADIs;
  • the mandatory registration of B+E (car + trailer) trainers;
  • which documents should be regarded as guidance issued by the Registrar and which therefore must be adhered to as a condition of registration; and
  • the introduction of powers of immediate suspension from the Registers of driving or motorcycle instructors who would pose a significant threat to the safety of members of the public if their registration were not suspended.

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