Special Occasion and Novelty Vehicles

Consultation opened on 07 November 2012. Closing date 17 January 2013.


Proposals on licensing of special occasion and novelty vehicles under the Taxis Act 2008


Consultation description

In July 2011 the Department of Environment consulted on the licensing of Wedding and Courtesy Transport, and new proposals for Taxi Licensing for vehicles being used to provide transport for reward. In response to concerns raised by consultees, and as part of the implementation of the Taxis Act 2008, the Department committed to considering the introduction of a separate licensing regime.

This would apply to vehicles being used for special occasions and where the use of a vehicle displaying a roof sign would detract from the service being provided.

The provisions of the Taxis Act 2008 apply equally to all vehicles with eight or fewer seats used for hire or reward; however the Act also gives the Department powers to specify different requirements based on how the vehicle is to be used and the services it provides.

The Department plans to make new taxi vehicle regulations in 2013 which will replace the current PSV vehicle requirements. The regulations will introduce some flexibility in the requirements for taxi vehicles, and allow taxis to be tested and licensed differently according to the services they provide and the way they are designed and constructed.

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