Proposal for Public Passenger Transport (Service Agreements and Service Permits) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015

Consultation opened on 01 April 2015. Closing date 27 May 2015.


The Department had previously consulted on the proposed regulations in early 2014 and in recognition of amendments and additions made to the draft regulations since that initial consultation. This is now a consultation on the final draft.


Consultation description

The amendments to the draft regulations are not considered substantive. These include an additional review process for the award of competitively tendered contracts. The provision for these review processes are set out in Schedule 2 for the direct award contracts and in Schedule 3 for the competitively tendered contracts. A minor amendment has also been made to Regulation 5 to allow a longer time for payment of the fees and an additional minor amendment to Regulation 8 in relation to the notification to the Department where a service can no longer be provided by the permit holder.

On the basis of the amendments outlined above, the Department has decided that it should consult again before moving to make the proposed regulations.

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