Policy Proposals for a Roads (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

Consultation opened on 15 December 2008. Closing date 06 March 2009.


The Department proposes the introduction of measures to update and amend roads-related legislation and, in some instances, to take account of arrangements proposed or in place in England and Wales and in the Republic of Ireland. These policy proposals would eventually be included in a Roads (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill.


Consultation description

Consultees’ views were sought on the Department’s proposals to introduce:

  • a permit scheme to better control the execution of certain works on roads. Chargeable permits would be required for certain works on roads, to be specified in regulations
  • a power to enable traffic on roads to be restricted or prohibited temporarily to facilitate the making of a film, or to facilitate the holding of sporting, social or entertainment events
  • a general power to hold an inquiry into the exercise, by the Department, of any of its functions under the Road Traffic
  • minor amendments to procedures to be followed by the Lord Chancellor when exercising two rule-making powers under the Traffic Management (Northern Ireland) Order 2005

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