Mutual Recognition of Penalty Points between Northern Ireland and Ireland

Consultation opened on 12 March 2013. Closing date 17 May 2013.


Proposals to introduce mutual recognition of penalty points between Northern Ireland and Ireland for the offences of speeding, drink/drug driving, non-wearing of seatbelts and using a mobile phone while driving.


Consultation description

Currently, motorists from Northern Ireland detected committing a motoring offence while driving in Ireland escape the consequences of this when they return home as it is not possible under existing legislation to endorse their driving licence with any resulting penalty points. The same applies to an Irish motorist detected committing an endorsable driving offence in Northern Ireland.

It is proposed, as a first step, to limit mutual recognition of penalty points with Ireland to four offences. However, if this is successfully implemented, it would provide the necessary legislative and administrative framework, as well as the benefits of practical experience, to facilitate any future extension of the scheme to include other offences.

The four offences are as follows:
-Drink/drug driving;
-Non-wearing of seatbelts; and
-Using a mobile phone while driving.
These four offences have been selected because of the direct impact they have on road safety and on the numbers killed and seriously injured (KSIs) on our roads.

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