Improvements to the Approved Driver Instructor/Approved Motorcycle Instructor Schemes in Northern Ireland

Consultation opened on 31 May 2013. Closing date 16 September 2013.


Proposals on Approved Driver Instructor/Approved Motorcycle Instructor schemes which has been extended until 16 September 2013.


Consultation description

Those wishing to become an Approved Driving Instructor or Approved Motorcycle Instructor must sit a three-part examination comprising a theory test, a practical driving test, and a test of their ability to instruct, before they can apply to have their name put on the Register.

This consultation document seeks your views on a number of proposals for change to the approved driving / motorcycle instructor schemes operating in Northern Ireland including:

• amendments to the trainee licence scheme;
• changes to the requirements for those with a medically restricted driving licence who wish to become ADIs;
• the mandatory registration of B+E (car + trailer) trainers;
• which documents should be regarded as guidance issued by the Registrar and which therefore must be adhered to as a condition of registration; and
• the introduction of powers for immediate suspension from the Registers of driving or motorcycle instructors who would pose a significant threat to the safety of members of the public if their registration were not suspended.

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