Draft Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS 22): Affordable Housing

Consultation opened on 03 June 2014. Closing date 23 September 2014.


The Department of the Environment published draft Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS 22): Affordable Housing for public consultation on 3 June 2014.


Consultation description

On 3 June 2014 the then Social Development Minister, Nelson McCausland, and the Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, launched public consultations on proposals aimed to increase the supply of affordable housing.

The draft proposals would require developers to provide a proportion of newly proposed housing developments, over a certain threshold, as affordable housing.

The consultation was originally intended to run until 26 August 2014, however both Ministers agreed to extend the period for receipt of comments until 23 September 2014.

Draft PPS 22 sets out draft regional planning policy for securing developer contributions towards affordable housing in accordance with the Department for Social Development’s (DSD) Housing Policy for development proposals containing five housing units or more. The draft proposals do not carry any weight and are not a material consideration in the assessment of planning applications for residential developments.

A copy of the emerging findings paper produced after the public consultation ended has also been provided above. 

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