Taxi reform

Details of the Department's plans to modernise and improve the regulations for the taxi industry including licensing requirements, accessibility standards and installation of taximeters and imposition of maximum fares.

The Taxis Act (NI) 2008

The Taxis Act (NI) 2008  (the Act) which became law in April 2008 gave the then Department of the Environment, now Department for Infrastructure (DfI), powers to modernise and improve the regulations for the taxi industry.

Using these powers the Department introduced a new taxi licensing system, which addressed operator, driver and taxi vehicle licensing, as well as taximeters and a new maximum fare. More stringent physical requirements were also introduced for wheelchair accessible taxis. The relevant legislation became operative on 31 May.

As part of the ongoing process of improving and modernising the taxi industry, the Minister announced on 4 August a review of this legislation, and the establishment of a new Taxi Advisory Forum, with members representing all sectors in the taxi industry. The first meeting of the Forum was held in October 2016, with further meetings planned.

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