Planning Fees and Forms

This section provides advice on the current planning fees for Northern Ireland and the application forms to be used when applying for planning permission and/or consent.

Please note that when you submit a planning application the information, including plans, drawings and any accompanying design and access statement, will appear on the Planning Register which is publicly available and, along with any other associated documentation submitted as part of the application (with the exception of personal telephone numbers, email addresses or sensitive personal data), will also be published on the internet on the Public Access website.

Mid Ulster District Council provides its own online service for anyone wishing to submit or comment on a planning application in the Mid Ulster area.  For more information, please go to the Mid Ulster District Council website (

Planning fees

A fee is payable for most applications for planning permission or consent. However the amount varies depending on the type and/or size of development. 

In addition, for some types of consent, e.g. listed buildings and demolition in a conservation area, no application fee is required.  There are also some concessions where, subject to particular circumstances, the usual planning fee is reduced or exempt.

Planning fees for Northern Ireland are set by the Department and apply to applications submitted to a council and, as the case may be, the Department.  The current planning fees are stipulated in legislation, links to which are provided on the Department’s Planning Legislation webpage

The Department has also produced an explanatory note for applicants which sets out the current planning fees and helps to clarify when reduced fees or exemptions may be applicable.

If you are unsure about the appropriate fee for your application, you are strongly advised to contact the council’s local planning office in advance of submitting your application to seek clarification. An underpayment will delay the processing of your application until the outstanding balance is paid or it could be made invalid and returned to you.

Further guidance on planning fees has been provided by the Department in Development Management Practice Note 11.

Planning application forms

The Department has produced a suite of generic planning application forms for use in the planning system. These forms can be used for applications made to the councils or, as the case may be, the Department. If you’re unsure about which application form(s) to use, please check with the council / Department directly for clarification before you submit your application. Please note, some councils may have their own branded application forms or supplementary forms available from their websites.

A list of the generic application forms is provided below.  They can be downloaded from this website and completed electronically or in hard copy. 


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