LWWP - Policy Measures

We need to develop new policy measures and to change and influence behaviour to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from our investment and to avoid unintentional problems in the future, for example, through poor land management practices or flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.


Image on Benefits of SuDS for Living with Water Programme Proposed new policies in the Plan include;

• Establish procedures for the approval of SuDS and blue/green infrastructure to permit construction and design in line with current CIRIA Guidance.

• Establish arrangements for the future maintenance of all types of SuDS and blue/green infrastructure.

• Make the consideration of all types of SuDS and blue/green infrastructure the preferred drainage solution in all new development.

  • new policy and guidance to encourage public and private landowners to utilise their land for NFM including tree planting, wetlands, flood storage and attenuation.
  • new arrangements for a catchment based approach to drainage and wastewater management (in line with the proposed IDIP Guide).

There are a number of other drainage and environmental policy measures being taken forward by Government that will help contribute to the 3 key objectives of the Plan, (PROTECT, ENHANCE and GROW) these are summarised in Table 6.15 of the Plan.

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