Flood Risk Management Plans

Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) are a requirement of the European Union Floods Directive. Article 7 of the Directive required each member state to prepare Flood Risk Management Plans by December 2015.


DfI is the competent authority for the implementation of the requirements of the Floods Directive in Northern Ireland. DfI Rivers is responsible for the production of these FRMPs which identify significant risks from flooding and set out objectives and measures for managing those risks.

The FRMPs for Northern Ireland highlight the flood hazards and risks in the 20 most Significant Flood Risk Areas from flooding from rivers, the sea, surface water and reservoirs. They identify the measures that will be undertaken over the next 6 years to address flooding and they set out how the relevant authorities will work together with communities to reduce the flood risks.

The FRMPs are important in planning future flood risk management actions, promoting awareness and understanding of flood risk, and in guiding funding and resources to where the risk is greatest.

The Flood Risk Management Plans are available in PDF format via the following link:

Consulting on the draft Flood Risk Management Plans

A Public Consultation on the draft Flood Risk Management Plans took place between 22 December 2014 and 22 June 2015.  As result of this consultation, 28 responses were received from a range of government bodies, environmental organisations, fishery interest groups and other interested parties.

Comments provided by respondents to the Public Consultation documents have been considered and accommodated where appropriate, in the completion of the final Plans. DfI Rivers completed a balanced and comprehensive response document which is available via the link:


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