Ards and Down Area Plan 2015 - Appendix 1

Policy Context

  • The Belfast Agreement – the outcome of the multi-party negotiations on the future of Northern Ireland, April 1998;
  • The Northern Ireland Act 1998;
  • The UK Government’s White Paper on Partnership for Equality, DFP March 1998 (leading to the development of New Targeting Social Need Policy);
  • Policy Appraisal and the Environment DETR April 1998;
  • The UK Government’s White Paper on the future of Transport, “A New Deal for Transport : Better for Everyone”, DETR 1998;
  • “Moving forward – the Northern Ireland Transport Policy Statement”, DOE 1998;
  • “A Better Quality of Life – A UK Strategy for Sustainable Development”, DETR May 1999;
  • The Strategic Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1999;
  • Strategy 2010 – A Report by the Economic Development Strategy Review Steering Group, March 1999;
  • A Waste Management Strategy for Northern Ireland, DOE March 2000;
  • “Creating Places – achieving quality in residential developments”, Design Guide published by DOE and DRD , May 2000;
  • The Northern Ireland Programme for Government;
  • River Conservation Strategy: An Environment and Heritage Service strategy to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built heritage values of rivers in Northern Ireland and facilitate their sustainable use, DOE 2001;
  • “Developing a Regional Transportation Strategy” – A Consultation Paper, January 2001;
  • “Shaping our Future – Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025”, September 2001;
  • The Regional Transportation Strategy for Northern Ireland 2002-2012, July 2002;
  • “Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy”, Northern Ireland Biodiversity Group, August 2002
  • The Regional Strategic Transport Network Transport Plan, March 2005;
  • “One Future – Different Paths” – the UK shared framework for Sustainable Development, March 2005;
  • “A Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern Ireland: First Steps towards Sustainability”, May 2006;
  • The Sub Regional Transport Plan 2015, June 2007;
  • “Shaping our Future – Adjustments to the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) – 2025”, June 2008;

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