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Deputy Secretary - Transport and Resources Group - John McGrath

John McGrath (DfI Deputy Secretary)

John has responsibility for road safety and vehicle regulation; the development of transportation policy; the delivery of strategic transport planning, policy and legislation.  EU funding matters and the Cycling and the Inland Waterways Unit also fall to John, as do governance arrangements for the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company/Translink and other transport providers such as Urban and Rural Transport, and Harbours and Airports.  In addition, he is responsible for Departmental Finance.

Safe and Sustainable Travel Division – Liz Loughran

Liz is the Director of Safe and Sustainable Division.  She is responsible for the promotion of improved road safety and the delivery of better regulation of the transport sector.  This includes responsibility for coordinating the implementation of the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy. Liz also has responsibility for Active Travel and Inland Waterways.

DfI Director of Finance - John McNeill

DRD Director of Finance - John McNeill

John is the Director of Finance within the Department.

Finance Division objectives

Finance Division has 4 Key Objectives:

  • to optimise the financial resources available to the Department in achieving it’s strategic goals and delivering value for money and efficiency for the tax-payer
  • to provide accurate timely and relevant financial analyses and information to support effective decision making within the Department
  • to deliver the Department’s statutory external financial reporting outputs and maintain processes which deliver compliance with Government Accounting regulations and other legislative requirements
  • to recruit, retain and develop a highly skilled, efficient, flexible team who are committed to a continuous improvement and to providing both proactive and responsive services which meet the needs of the Department.

Director of Strategy, Communications and Change Division - Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy - Director of Strategy, Communications and Change
Tom is the Director of Strategy, Communications and Change.

Role of Strategy, Communications and Change

The Strategy, Communications and Change division provides support to the Minister, Permanent Secretary and colleagues across the Department. This includes the development and implementation of a Communications and Engagement Strategy, the Equality Agenda, Emergency and Business Continuity Planning Co-ordination and Corporate Governance arrangements.

Director of Transport Strategy Division - Tom Reid

DRD Director of Transport Policy, Strategy and Legislation Division - Tom Reid Tom is Director of Transport Strategy Division which is responsible for Transport Planning / Policy / Modelling (including RTS), Freight Transport and Bus Policy, EU Policy, Funding and Future Relations. He is also responsible for Gateways, North West, Transport Legislation, Transport Regulation Unit and Community Planning.

Acting Director of Public Transport Division - Sian Kerr

Sian Kerr is the acting Director of the Department's Public Transport Services Division. Sian has responsibility for Translink Sponsor (including Budget), PfG Programme Management Office (including Accessible Transport), Integrated Transport, Community Transport, Concessionary Fares/Grant Payments and Rathlin Ferry.

Head of Internal Audit - Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods - Head of DRD Internal Audit

The Head of Internal Audit within the Department.





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