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Deputy Secretary, Dr. Andrew Murray

DRD Deputy Secretary of TransportNI

As Deputy Secretary, Andrew is responsible for the overall performance and operations of DfI Roads and Rivers.  This includes the efficient organisation and management of both operational entities.

DfI Roads' role is to improve, maintain and manage the road network in Northern Ireland in order to facilitate, in a sustainable way, the safe movement of people, goods and services for the social and economic benefit of all people in Northern Ireland.  DfI Rivers aims to reduce the risk to life and damage to property from flooding from rivers and the sea and to undertake watercourse and coastal flood management in a sustainable manner.

Director, Network Services, Conor Loughrey

The Network Services Director functional responsibilities within DfI Roads are: maintenance and operation of the public road network, including car parks, telematics and street lighting systems; improvement of the network, ranging from major road schemes through to local transport and safety measures; providing the point of contact for road users and their representatives through 24 local section offices; and, 4 divisional head offices.

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Director, Engineering, Deidre Mackle

Deidre is head of profession for DfI Roads and Rivers and is responsible for: the development, co-ordination, review and updating of standards, policies and procedures; management of internal consultant services; management of contractor organisations (Design and Consultancy Services and Operations and Maintenance) and the Transportation & Engineering Policy Unit.

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Director, DfI Rivers, Jonathan McKee

Jonathan is the head of DfI Rivers, the flood defence and drainage authority for Northern Ireland.  DfI Rivers is responsible for river and sea defence maintenance, the construction of flood alleviation schemes, the provision of flood maps and risk information.

Director, Major Projects and Procurement, John Irvine

TransportNI Director of Network Services - John Irvine John is the Director of Major Projects and Procurement and has responsibility for the delivery of Strategic Road Improvement schemes, Procurement for Roads and Rivers, Capital Budgeting for Roads, the Park and Ride Delivery Programme and Phase 2 of the Belfast Rapid Transit project.

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