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Deputy Secretary - Resources, Governance and EU Group - Declan McGeown

Declan McGeown The Deputy Secretary has responsibility for road safety and vehicle regulation; the development of transportation policy; the delivery of strategic transport planning, policy and legislation.  EU funding matters and the Cycling and the Inland Waterways Unit also fall to the Deputy Secretary, as do governance arrangements for the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company/Translink and other transport providers such as Urban and Rural Transport, and Harbours and Airports.  In addition, they are responsible for Departmental Finance.

Director of Transport Policy – Liz Loughran

Liz Loughran, Director of Transport Policy Division Liz has responsibility for transport policy, strategy and modelling. Its high level aims will be the development of strategic transport plans; liaison with local government in respect of local development plans; PfG; and leading the DfI Climate Change Agenda.

DfI Director of Finance - Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson - DfI Finance Director Susan is the Director of Finance within the Department.

Finance Directorate objectives

Finance Directorate has 4 Key Objectives:

  • to optimise the financial resources available to the Department in achieving it’s strategic goals and delivering value for money and efficiency for the tax-payer
  • to provide accurate timely and relevant financial analyses and information to support effective decision making within the Department
  • to deliver the Department’s statutory external financial reporting outputs and maintain processes which deliver compliance with Government Accounting regulations and other legislative requirements
  • to recruit, retain and develop a highly skilled, efficient, flexible team who are committed to a continuous improvement and to providing both proactive and responsive services which meet the needs of the Department.

Director of Corporate Support Services - Linda MacHugh

Linda MacHugh, Director of Water and Drainage Policy Linda has responsibility for DfI’s Digital Strategy to support digitally enabled business transformation projects across the Department and open government.  The Directorate will also provide support across the Department to ensure information is properly governed, stored, used, protected and made available, including publishing information and data.

The Directorate will also have responsibility for the creation of the Department's P3O Office and oversight responsibility for statistical and analytical functions and facilities management in Clarence Court.

Director of Public Transport - Jackie Robinson

Jackie is Directo Jackie Robinson, Director of Gateways and EU Relations r of Public Transport which is sponsor for Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHC), commonly referred to by its brand name, Translink. The Directorate leads on public transport policy and provides Capital and Revenue funding to support and improve public transport. Translink operates under a five year legal agreement with the Department, which defines its services, standards and funding.

The Directorate grants funds a range of transport services with the aim of reducing rural and social isolation.

The Directorate also has responsibility for managing service permits for commercial operators seeking to offer services distinct from the main public transport network.

Director of Corporate Policy and Planning - Sian Kerr

Sian Kerr Sian will provide support to the Minister and Permanent Secretary.  The Directorate will have responsibility for shaping and articulating DfI’s corporate ambitions and its business planning process. 

It will also deliver a range of corporate functions: communications and engagement (both internal and external); statistics and research; corporate governance; the Department’s equality agenda; and assembly liaison.

Director of Safe and Accessible Travel - Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, Director of Safe and Accessible Travel Chris has responsibility for the safe movement of people and goods through the regulation of vehicles and drivers (both private and commercial); road safety promotion and outreach; and accessibility. 

Director of Gateways and EU Relations - Bernie Rooney

Bernie Rooney Bernie has responsibility for EU exit preparations and future relations post exit.  The Directorate also has responsibility for gateways, future mobility / future technology in transport, rail safety, sustainable travel (including walking, cycling and inland waterways policy) and oversight of the Department’s north/south implementation body, Waterways Ireland.

Head of Internal Audit - Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods, Head of Internal Audit Tracey is the Head of Internal Audit within the Department.
Internal Audit helps DfI and its Agencies to achieve their business objectives.  This is done by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance arrangements in place to achieve each organisations’ agreed objectives.  A primary role of Internal Audit is therefore to provide an independent and objective opinion to the Principal Accounting Officers (PAOs) and Agency Accounting Officers (AAOs) in the department.




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